Signs of Hormone Imbalance and What to Do

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One of the number one things I hear from women that step into my office is “I just feel…off.”  Many women feel just a little off, a little funky when it comes to their health.  They know something’s not quite right, but they’re not exactly sure what that might be.  When this is the case, the first thing I check for is hormone imbalance.  Here are four signs of a hormone imbalance that could cause this feeling:

1.  Lack of Sleep

If your sleep isn’t as sound as it once was, hormones could be the underlying problem.  As levels of estrogen and progesterone diminish with age, so does your ability to sleep through the night without disruption.  Many women resort to sleeping pills, but they are only a temporary solution to an underlying problem that will continue to worsen and the effect of the medication will eventually wear off and could result in addiction as more and more are needed to achieve the desired effect.

2.  Sudden Weight Gain

If you have sudden, stubborn weight gain, that’s a sign that points to imbalanced hormones.  This is also closely related to sleep.  Since your body releases more cortisol following sleep deprivation, your body will be encouraged to store additional fat in your cells.

3.  Irregular Menstrual Cycles

If you skip a menstrual cycle, this is a huge red flag that something is off.  This can occur due to a variety of factors, and a full evaluation will be needed to determine the culprits.

4.  Tender Breasts

Tender breasts are the sign of an estrogen or progesterone issue.  When these two hormones are at less than optimal levels, your body responds.  Breast tenderness usually points to high estrogen and/or too little progesterone.

How to Address Hormonal Imbalances

If these symptoms sound familiar, your “feeling off” may be a hormone imbalance.  Here are a few natural steps you can start with:

Adjust Your Diet

This doesn’t mean that you need to go on a diet, but you may need to add some things to help your hormones.  

For example, a salad with spinach and almonds will provide a boost of calcium and magnesium to benefit your hormones and strengthen your bones.  Add eggs to your diet for additional vitamin D.  Replace coffee with green tea for added antioxidants and a metabolism boost.

Set a foundation of quality proteins and vegetables over simple carbs (cereal, rice, bread, sugar, etc.) as a way to up your vitamin and mineral intake, improve your digestion, increase energy, and set up your hormones to works as effectively as possible.


Adding hormone-balancing nutrients to your diet will help, but only so much, especially if you have severe nutrient deficiencies that have developed over the years.  It may also be important to add appropriate supplements in the correct amounts to your diet to correct the deficiencies.

At a minimum, everyone should take an appropriate multivitamin, omega-3s, and vitamin D.  Many women should also take a calcium and magnesium supplement.

To properly supplement, you should have your vitamin and mineral levels tested to determine where deficiencies may lead to hormone imbalances.


Your brain is the regulator of body chemicals that affect your overall mood.  Cortisol, the stress hormone that spikes constantly in our always-on culture, can be harnessed with regular meditation. 

Taking time for just five minutes of quiet, which is rare these days, can have a profound impact on your health.  I recommend starting with five minutes of meditation in the morning to start.

Also, power down all devices an hour before bed and set some time aside for meditation to help you fall into a deep sleep.


If you are feeling off and think a hormone imbalance is to blame, the best thing to do is to have certain blood work panels performed to test for specific imbalances and determine the true underlying cause.  Knowing the root of the problem will help you set a plan to regulate and balance your hormones naturally.

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