Meet Dr. Chris Jones, DC

Dr. Chris Jones, DC. is the clinical director at Tyler Wellness Center in Tyler, Texas. He focuses on helping you achieve your health goals, naturally, by finding the root causes and developing personalized wellness plans to restore health. If you’re ready to restore your health, schedule a consultation today.

Dr. Jones, DC has been fortunate to see first hand, the benefits of addressing the underlying problems that often get overlooked in the current medical/allopathic model.  One of the most important things that he helps people understand is that we have to be proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to our health.

Dr. Jones, DC is extremely happy to lead the efforts of Tyler Wellness Center. Even though he’s far from home, he loves the Tyler community, and the opportunity to educate and empower folks about health and wellness.

Restoring and Optimizing Health

We utilize functional wellness principles that focus on creating wellness, restoring balance in your body, and optimizing health.  We work to uncover underlying issues, root problems, and dysfunctions that are often overlooked and have dramatic impacts on your health.  We use the latest in diagnostic testing to find answers that lead to development of solutions tailored to your needs, including customized diet plan, condition specific natural supplements, and monitoring of results.

Our functional wellness approach is rooted in the latest in science and offers fresh ways to understand the underlying causes of chronic disease including diabetes, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, hormone imbalances and more.

The core concepts is that chronic illness of all kinds stem from imbalances in your body.  When inflammation, hormone imbalances, insulin resistance are present, the body begins to spiral out of control.  Much of this has been caused by a lifetime of poor diet, lack of proper nutrition, stress, environmental factors, and lack of exercise.

Chronic disease exists on a spectrum, and everyone is on some part of this spectrum.  By focusing on the underlying factors of nutrition, stress, environmental factors, and exercise with programs tailored to where you are on this spectrum, you can begin to reverse health conditions and overcome chronic illness naturally.

Our goal is to put your body in a position to achieve optimal health.  Your body’s powerful, inherent healing forces are unleashed when you balance and optimize your physiological systems.  Functional wellness principles provide the path to balancing the body’s underlying physiological systems that contribute to chronic illness.

We do not diagnose or treat specific diseases.  Rather we deal with underlying health dysfunctions in the individual patient.  When the focus is on the disease itself without a focus on the underlying health imbalances and root cases, outcomes are diminished.

We do not prescribe or alter medications.  We restore and optimize health.  Our programs work in conjunction with your prescribing doctor who will decide if and when you may reduce or eliminate any medication.

At Tyler Wellness Center, health is being restored and optimized.  Blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normalizing.  Hormone balances are being optimized.  Weight is dropping.  Energy levels are rising.  Inflammation, aches, and pains are disappearing.  Brain fog is lifting.  Sleep is regained.