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After just one month of going through our program, Mrs. Stuth has seen great improvement in her health. She feels clear headed, has more energy, increased confidence and positive thoughts. Two of her main concerns were controlling her Autoimmune, Hashimoto disease and IBS. She is happy to say that both are now under control!

Mrs. King has lost 25 lbs in the 3 months that she has been working with Chris at Tyler Wellness Center!  When she first came to TWC she was suffering from sever vertigo and unable to get through a work day. Her vertigo is now under control and she is filled with more energy than she’s ever experienced!

“I don’t need Mylanta near as often since I have changed my eating habits. My blood pressure normalized. My joints aren’t as painful as they once were. Aka-Seltzers were my best allies sometimes taking 2-3 packs a day but now, for close to 2 months, I’ve not had to plop plop fizz fizz! Overall, my body is saying “ahhhhh, thank you!!” – Mr. Collins


“My husband and I have each lost 50 lbs a piece over 6 months and we are enjoying exercise for the first time in a long time.” – Mrs. Collins

Having reservations about starting on this wellness plan? Don’t sweat it – do this for you, you’re worth it. It’s easy and doable. Just set your mind to doing it and you will feel so much better and remember, Braum’s won’t close down if you aren’t circling the parking lot! I’ve lost weight which in turn has helped lower my BS readings.

Two weeks ago my husband and I ventured on an 1,800 mile round trip from East Texas to West Texas and beyond into God’s country in the Big Bend area toting our cooler, plenty of bottled water, snacks, blender and of course all the supplements necessary to keep us on track with our wellness plan.

Four nights we stayed in a lodge in the Fort Davis Mountains that had no refrigerator however their ice machine worked out fine as we piled the ice into our cooler each evening to keep our almond milk and snacks cold.

Two other nights on the trip we stayed in the ghost town of Terlingua that had a real refrigerator/freezer which made it easier on us. These small towns in West Texas actually do have at least one grocery store; we made daily trips to purchase our frozen fruits for our smoothies.

It worked out great.

We grabbed fresh apples and bananas too…we were set. It took driving into the nearby local town each day but we didn’t mind it as we were determined that our health came first and it was an adventure finding the foods necessary to keep us on the right path.

Eating out wasn’t as big a challenge as we thought – salads were available with fresh chicken, salmon, tilapia, etc. minus the dressing(s) and cheese. We both lost weight on our fun filled excursion.

Nothing great happens when you hold back!

M. Collins and A. Collins

“I’m no longer controlled by my Hashimoto’s disease!” – Mrs. McLain

Mrs. McLain has lost 50 lbs in 5 months! She is sleeping well through the night and not waking up groggy in the morning, and has plenty of energy throughout the day. She no longer has digestive problems like gas or bloating, she’s finally exercising again, and is no longer irritable or experiencing mood swings!”

“I’m no longer taking Prilosec for acid reflux, no longer suffering from chronic sinus congestion, after 6 months I hit my goal of getting my weight back into the 130’s. I am able to sleep so much better at night now.”

“Before coming here I was a candidate for bilateral knee replacements. I was living in constant 6/10 knee pain, now my knee pain is an occasional 2/10 and I no longer need the knee replacements. Cutting out all the inflammatory foods has changed my life!” – Ms. Lacy

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